Wednesday, 12 May 2010

The cranes

When Mum and I went on the Art exhibition journey in Sweden at Easter, I bought this art print from one of the most famous artists from around where I come from - Leiif Holgersson. He paints mostly nature images, and lots of cranes, which I thought was quite nice. The crane is a bit of a symbol for my part of the country.

I had it framed the same way I'd seen another painting being framed in his gallery, a bit differen with a big white space - and I like it a lot. It turned out just like I wanted it.
Today, I even got Nathan to put it on the wall for me! We put it in the corner by the dining table, next to our colourful Bengt Elde painting.
Looks nice, no?

And as you might notice, I've finally put a photo in the white photo frame I got for my birthday back in January too..! Progress!

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Anna said...

jättefint blev det!