Friday, 2 April 2010

Cultural afternoon

Mormor and I decided to test the kids' patience a bit today, and went on an 'Art journey' ("Konstrunda i påsk"). It's a tradition at Easter in this area (Hornborga området), lots of different art galleries and studios not far from each other hold exhibitions, big and small.
I had never visited any of these galleries before, and thought it could be a nice thing to do!

We chose a few that looked interesting, out of the 38 different stops you could make. There was so many different artists represented; displays of paintings in acrylic paint, in water colour, jewelery, textile art, ceramics, glass art, photography, flower arrangements, silver art, mosaics etc etc, you name it.
In the end, we managed to visit eight different expos. But to be honest, the kids mostly waited in the car as it was quick stops.

We went here, here and here here f.e.

Mormor bought something already at the second stop we did, a ceramic green apple to add to her collection of apples and pears. It was so shiny and beautiful!

These next two photos were taken outside the studio and expo of one of the more known artists from the area, Leiif Holgersson. I got a print of his, a beautifully coloured painting of some cranes. Felt very "home" to me, and we are in desperate need of things for our walls in our house.

Kids posing with a crane, outside on of the expos:

This next one, is exciting! This is the house Mormor lived in when she was a little girl! It was "open" today, because there is now an artist living there. We talked a little bit with her, and got to come inside and have a look how the house had been extended and changed, since Mormor lived there.
I must say, they had managed to keep a lot of the old feel to the house, which I found rather charming.

This used to be the stable, and now the lady uses it as her gallery:

We also made a stop at this place, where the kids were in close encounter with some woolly lambs. They really enjoyed that!

All in all a lovely afternoon. We had brought the PSP and the DS just in case, but the kids were actually rather good, even without too many bribes..!

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