Saturday, 3 April 2010


Easter is such a lovely holiday. Compared to Christmas, the pressure is off a bit, not so much stress about gifts and stuff. Although the kids were exhilarated this morning when they discovered Easter Bunny had found them in Sweden too, and brought a GIGANTIC Easter egg full of presents, and goodies!

Easter is more about the lovely food, being together and just enjoying the spring and the lovely weather. Today we are really spoiled with clear skies and a warming sun, it's absolutely fantastic!

We dressed the kids this morning ready for the Easter Parade in town. They have never really taken part in the Swedish Easter traditions like this before, so they thought it was very amusing. They turned out great in their outfits, and make-up!
Here is the cutest påskkärring and påskgubbe in town!

Happy Easter! Glad Påsk!