Wednesday, 7 April 2010

The Easter eggs

Better late than never, but to be honest I wasn't awake when the kids found their Easter eggs the other day (in my family we have always just left them at the side of the bed, to be found in the morning) as it was very early...
Mormor was awake though, and took some pictures.

Lucas got lots of fun stuff in his egg! He got 'pruttlera' (=farting play-doh. I know... have a look here f.e.) and a super traditional Swedish 'Kalmartrissan' - that he was most excited about. He had just seen it a couple of days earlier in a shop, how could Easter Bunny know he wanted that..?!

Linnea also got a few different things in her egg, a little box of beads to make necklaces with and some hair clips f.e. But the absolutely best thing was a pink stationary mini-kit... she was overjoyed to have her own tape! :)

And this is Lucas later in the day showing Nathan his gigantic egg, over Skype. Nathan also got a full demonstration of every item in the egg, of course..!

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