Saturday, 3 April 2010

Easter Parade

It was two very excited Easter dressed children going to town earlier today, to take part in the Easter Parade.
They probably didn't know too much what to expect, as it was their first experience with påskkärringar and påskgubbar. They were very eager though, big steps:

Thanks to the absolutely gorgeous warm and sunny weather, it was so many people gathered. Lots of children in Easter dress-up, and their parents and grand-parents:

Hällekis Musikkår
, a local marching band, was playing to celebrate spring, and the kids digged the music, especially Lucas who was dancing along:


Here they are, ready to march off behind the band, in the Easter parade:

Off they went! They walked all around the center of town, and although there were tons of adults in the parade with their kids, there was also a lot of spectators along the way:

And when we came back to where we started from, it was time to get up on stage and receive an Easter goodie bag:
- "Tack och Glad Påsk!" (=Thank you and Happy Easter!)

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tinylou said...

bless them.. they look so sweet.. and u have soo many layers on !