Tuesday, 13 April 2010


Yesterday Nicole and I went for a walk. This might not seem like something really worth to report, but for those regular readers of this blog you know I haven't done ANY exercise since my injury in Hong Kong, six weeks ago!
This was the first real exercise I'd done since then, and boy did it feel good!

I was a bit nervous as I can still feel it in my leg. It's not sore or painful, but it's there, and it's not 100%. I was mostly curious about afterward, what the exercise would do to it, but actually - it almost feels better than before, so that's all good!

I still wont overdo things, just stick with the walking for a couple of weeks before I try some slow, careful jogging. I do have the race in Singapore next month to train for, but I guess I'll just have to resign to the fact I won't be reaching any amazing results before then. I'll just be happy if I can complete it I guess, in whatever time it'll be.

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