Friday, 9 April 2010

The long day

We're home. We've been some since this morning, arrived a little bit earlier than scheduled in Brunei which meant we could actually walk in the door at home 5 minutes after we were supposed to touch down! Thanks to the small airport here, and that there is just minutes to drive to get home.

It's been a long, long day today. The first day back always is. The kids have been busy playing with their toys and just enjoying being home, I've been unpacking and just enjoyed being home!
I was amazed unpacking at how much stuff I had been able to bring back. Those suitcases really can carry a lot! Also, it was quite an odd variety of things this time...
I took the opportunity to bring back some more "things" than I normal can, since we didn't bring so much clothes there and back.

Here are a few of the things I'd packed:
A gigantic foam frisbee, twelve pillow cases, two packets of Bearnaise sauce, nine secret presents and two baby gifts, five books, a whole training outfit including GPS watch, hydration belt and extras, four silver lanterns whereof two with hooks, five outside solar lamps, two huge easter eggs and two smaller ones still with candy inside, a toy doctors kit and other toys, four months supply of contacts, Lego, five pillows, two golf umbrellas, ten packets of dry yeast, a super king sized bedspread, three bouquets of fake tulips (for next spring!), different Cult parts for my candle light holders, a valance sheet, six Iittala latte glasses, a diversity of Easter decorations (again, for next year), two tea mugs, six tubes of kids toothpaste and four kids toothbrushes, a coolbag with prickig korv, leverpastej, Kalles Kaviar and Wästgöta Kloster cheese; a painting, two packets of electrical tea lights, Wettex cloths, tea - and oh yes, some clothes and four pairs of shoes too..!

It's a lot more fun to unpack, that's for sure!

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