Saturday, 17 April 2010

1st sleepover for Linnea

Yesterday our little friend Ben celebrated his 4th birthday with a big birthday bash at his house in the afternoon. It followed the usual program with bouncy castle, finger foods, party games and a gorgeous Ben10 cake:

Ben10 got totally slaughtered, ha ha:

Afterward we stayed on for a bit of a BBQ, and the kids were playing nicely and watching DVDs upstairs. One thing led to another, and before we knew it the kids had arranged to stay over for a sleepover!
It was the first time for Linnea, so I warned Tash that she might wake up in the night (as she does), but then again they didn't go to bed until very (very!) late, so we hoped for the best.

Well, she had hardly moved during the night apparently! They had woken up after 7 this morning, and had been playing nicely all morning, until we came to get them...
It was such a strange feeling not to have any kids in our house! And, it was very quiet this morning!

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