Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Tonight was for Lee

It was a special hash night tonight. It's been exactly a year to the day today that we lost one of our front runners, a fellow hasher and good friend Lee in a tragic accident. Tonight's hash was dedicated to her.

We all got a little 'dish cloth' when we signed in, as that was Lee's signature attribute at the hash. A nice touch, and it brought a lot of memories back.

After the run, and the usual on-on, there was a candle lit in front of a picture of her, and a few of her closest friends said a few well chosen words.

It was very beautiful, quite teary and emotional; but it was nice to be together at the hash this day. Even though all of the hashers might not have known her all that well, she was a big part of the hash and the hash was a big part of her life.
We still miss you Lee.

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