Saturday, 10 April 2010

Spring makeover

I gave our living room a little bit of a makeover today. A friend told me a while back that our sofa area lacked in colour, so while in Sweden I planned a make over and shopped for beautiful, colourful materials.
It's true, this corner was a bit "gloomy" with everything in the same colour scheme: brown sofas, light brown curtains, beige carpet, dark brown table, beige/gold paintings, black tv-bench, brown, beige, brown... boring.

So, I bought a lot of different patterns in my materials, but they all had the same saturation and strong, bright primary cololurs. Mormor then kindly made the pillow cases, twelve of them to be exact!
I didn't use all of them in the sofas though, not at once anyway. I've put a few in the bedrooms as well, and am planning to switch them around every now and then to refresh things. A little bit of colour, and such a big difference:

I also finally took down the New Year disco balls and gave the Cult a spring feeling!

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