Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Lest we forget

The last two weeks have been a bit special on the Hash. We've celebrated two big events in the expat community.
Last week it was the St George's hash, organized by the all our English hashers. We had the on-on at the Yacht Club, which was decorated all in white and red; got red hashing socks as a gift, fish and chips for dinner and tea and biscuits to round it all off!

Last night it was the ANZAC hash, organized by all the Aussie and Kiwi ladies. I had looked forward to this one especially, since I remembered last years fab Anzac run and on-on. This year was no disappointment, we had a great night!
On-on was at one of the ladies' house, and it was all decked out in Aussie and NZ flags and decorated with different paraphernalia from their countries. We got gifted a t-shirt and last but not least - we were treated to the most fab food I've had in a long time! Mmm...!

I do enjoy taking part in and experiencing different countries traditions like this. It really broadens your horizons a bit.
Anna and I have already laid a hash where we served Absolut Vodka shots, meatballs, Daim and played ABBA music - now we have to come up with a new idea..!

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