Saturday, 17 April 2010

Air conditioning heaven

Sometimes I get the question how it is to live in a country where the temperature is constantly between 28-34 degrees. Aren't we just hot, hot, hot all the time??
Well, in a way, yes. But only if we are outside!

If you don't want to (or have to), you don't need to be in the heat. You can just move around from indoors to indoors - from air condition to air condition, via your air conditioned car, and you'll be fine!

We don't run our A/Cs all the time, some people do. We only turn ours on if we have guests over or have been outside and need to cool off a bit; but only in the room we are at the moment. We don't have any fans in this house, as we did in our previous one, that used to be enough otherwise.
The houses tend to be rather cool anyway, but it's sure nice with some extra cool air if you've been outside running around in the heat.

We do run the A/Cs all night though, otherwise we would overheat completely. It's noisy, but you get used to it, it's kind of soothing!
So when we wake up in the morning and pull the curtains, the windows look like this:

In a way it's easier to escape the heat here, than f.e during a hot summer in Sweden. You just go inside and turn the A/C on here! In Sweden, there is nowhere to go, nothing to do, houses there are rarely equipped with A/C.
I remember the summer holiday back there two years ago, it was so hot. No matter what you did - hot outside, hot inside, hot while you slept whether you opened the window or not, the air just stood completely still. It was rather uncomfortable...
Thank god for air conditioning!

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