Sunday, 25 April 2010

Pippi Långstrump?

It has been another busy weekend, both days and evenings.
We entertained at our house Friday night, and went to friends for dinner yesterday. We spent all afternoon yesterday at the Yacht Club and today Nathan and Lucas took the boat out to take part in the Away Day to the Spit that the Yacht Club organizes every now and then. (See here when we were all participating for the first time last year)
They were gone all day and had had a blast!

Me on the other hand, took Linnea for another birthday party. This was a really lush one at the Jerudong Polo Club. One of her little class mates turned 4, and it was a (long...) crazy afternoon!
Amongst other things, they played lots of party games. The objective of one was to partner up with a friend and stand on a newspaper together, only to have to fold the newspaper over at every step of the game to make it smaller and smaller. To win you had to keep balancing somehow both of you, at the ever shrinking piece of newspaper.
Check out Linnea and Eoien - at first, no problem!

And then - no problem either! :)

We have a very strong little girl!

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TinTin said...

What a great game! Thank you, I'll use that one for Axels Party next Monday!