Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Fun for small, lush for mummy!

Linnea had a fun playdate yesterday with one of her little class mates.
The kids had an absolute ball, playing on the climbing frame and the seesaw, playing with the huge stuffed animals, being creative with the drawing books, zooming around on the ride-ons and exploring all the other toys in the house; just running around crazily like the energy filled little four-year olds they are!


While they were busy playing in one end of the balcony, this mummy enjoyed a fish pedicure in the other end!

Hi hi, it's such a weird sensation! It tickles a lot when they nibble away, but in a nice way if you understand what I mean? These Doctor Fish eat the dead skin off your feet to leave them soft and smooth. I guess my feet had a bit to feast on!

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