Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Shelf revamping

Since Linnea got her new shelf in her room, Lucas has said he would like the same one in his room. I kind of agreed that one like Linnea's would work better, since the shelf we initially had made wasn't working the way I had planned it to.
(We had this shelf custom built to fit his Lego creations when we first got here, but in the end it didn't quite work. It was always just housing a mess...)
So I've sold it to Nicole, who is about put her daughters in separate rooms and just needed a shelf like this!

So, this is before:

And here is after, a lot neater I think!
Also, when he has outgrown some of his Lego, this shelf will be better capable to room other kinds of things, than the previous one. I'm very pleased, and so is Lucas!

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