Monday, 10 May 2010

Hash Rekkie

Nicole, Misuzu and I are laying the hash in a couple of weeks time. We thought it was about time to do a rekkie today, as we are not very familiar ourselves with the site we have chosen.
We managed to go in alright, and find a couple of trails that looked very promising! They even involved a rope-climb, juhu, always a bonus on a hash!

But then we got a bit confused in the jungle and couldn't really find any out-trails. Since it was getting a bit late we decided to go back out the same way we had gone in, and try again another day - instead of risking getting caught in there in the dark.
Only trouble was, going down the same hills we had just climbed up - were slightly more tricky... and slippery...
This is how we all ended up looking, after a big slide down a grassy, muddy hill:

It was rather fun though! Just letting go, and sliding down! (Well, we really had no other option..!)

Looking at the Garmin tracking afterward, we realized we had been sooo close to getting out of the jungle... *Gah*
But it doesn't matter, we want to go in a slightly different direction too, so we'll have another go later in the week again. Looking forward to finalizing the route, it'll be great!

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