Thursday, 27 May 2010

Busy week in school

You would think they would wind down a bit this last week of school before the holidays, but no! Instead it's a really hectic one for the kids. There are so many things going on!
Lucas is studying a "Day & Night"-theme at the moment, and to initiate that, he was back at school on Tuesday afternoon between 17.20-18.45. They were having a "Midnight Feast" in a room they had made all dark, watch the sunset together outside, and listen to ghost stories. They were to bring flashlights, and it seemed like they had all had a great time!

Linnea is studying "Transport" at the moment, and they have been talking about different ways to get around in her class. They had a bus in the classroom last week, that magically transformed into a space ship for this week! And on Friday all the Kindy kids are bringing their bicycles to school, to ride around on for a bit on the school grounds.

Also, the school has chosen this week to be this terms Fundraising Week. Every now and then they perform different activities at school in order to raise more money for the children with Special Needs here in Brunei. With the money raised this time, they will be able to present some children with equipment to help them with their learning.
During this week, each of the Junior School year groups are working together to raise money for this cause. They all do different things, and us parents are then supposed to support the cause with a few dollars here and there.

Linnea and her Kindy friends had breakfast at school this morning, and all came dressed in their PJs for the occasion! Even the teachers - great fun!

Lucas' year group is doing face painting; and there has also been a bake sale and an ice cream sale, one year group is having "bad-taste-dress-day" and another one "punk-rock-dress-day"..! Plus tomorrow, Reception is organizing a disco to raise their money - and all the other year groups are invited!

And if all this was not enough, today is our little neighbour Oliver's 1st birthday and this afternoon he is having a big party. Something which has been eagerly anticipated for a very long time in our house..!
Busy, busy, busy!

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