Sunday, 9 May 2010

A cracking party!

Little Emma's birthday party today was a ballet themed one. Her mother had gone to great lengths to make it a very special morning, and it sure was.

The invitation came with a picture from the Nutcracker and at the house she had set up different little craft stations for the kids, to create different things that had to do with the ballet.
They got to mold little mice out of play-doh, put tulle skirts on pictures of ballerinas, ice biscuits and paint pictures that she had pulled from the Nutcracker story.
Icing biscuits:

There was also water play outside, and a bouncy castle..:

... but actually most kids seemed to prefer to be inside, and craft! It was amazing to see, how 20 4-year olds could just sit still, and create! For a moment there they were all still and concentrated, it was so lovely!
Here's Linnea and Daniel, both with tongues out, very concentrated:

The music of choice was of course from the ballet itself, and the birthday girl was tip-toeing around in her own little world most of the time, dressed in full ballet outfit!

The birthday girl, Linnea and the Nutcracker cake. Happy Birthday Emma!

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