Monday, 31 May 2010

The Singapore Sundown 10k

Saturday night's race was Nicole's 1st and Misuzu and mine's 2nd race (she did her 1st in NZ at the end of March).
We built up our excitement during the day, and all had a good feeling when we got in the cab to get out to the starting point.
See how we were all colour coordinated! Ha ha!

Unfortunately our experience started with a very stupid taxi driver who had no idea what the Sundown Race was, and took us to the completely wrong place. Luckily we had plenty of time, so we made it to the start with just over an hour to spare anyway.
We picked up our race kit and mounted the time chip on our shoes. Something that wasn't as easy as it seemed:

We dropped off our bags at the bag place and had time to take some pictures:

Picked up our light sticks that would "keep us company through the night":

We checked out the starting area:

We agreed that at least we would be easy to spot amongst all these other participants - most of them all being short, dark haired Asians, all wearing the official race top. We kind of stood out with our colourful wear and headgear:

We didn't run the race together, already after about 1k I fell behind the other two and Nicole took off at about 3k so after that we were all on our "own" - well, together with around 5000 other women!

I must say we didn't do too shabby - at least not the girls! Nicole got in on 1h07 and Misuzu on 1h09 (ranking nr 332 and 425). Really well done girls!!

I tried a different approach to this race, as my main goal was not to beat any time but to finish the race without ripping up my injury again. I applied walking breaks this time, in intervals of 5 minutes running/1 minute walking. It worked quite well and I managed still to keep up quite a good pace for the first half of the race. Unfortunately I got a stitch at 7k and had to walk for about 1,5k until it had passed and I could run again. I think that's what sank me. I didn't manage to pick up the pace again after that.
My time was a not very impressive 1h15 (rank 862) but you know what - I DID IT!!!
My leg was ok afterward, and I felt fine too. Not too exhausted or sick or anything, like after the Hong Kong race. All in all, a lot better experience!

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