Sunday, 9 May 2010

Happy Mother's Day to me!

This week it's been Mother's Day factory in Kindy, since today it's the Bruneian (and NZ/Australian) Mother's Day.

On Friday the kids were sent home with "secrets" for their mothers, and we all know how good Linnea is at keeping them... So, she didn't even make it in through the door until she had told me she had a gift for me, and had unwrapped it and everything already! :)

It was a beautiful tea cup and saucer that she had painted all by herself (it said 'Mum' on it!), a beautiful card she had made, and some lovely little heart-shaped treats. I got so spoiled! ♥

(Photographer: Linnea)

I have wished for this afternoon (after we have attended this weekend's birthday party...) to get celebrated a bit at the Empire - I've seen they are having a Mother's Day special on their High Tea! Mmm... (Photos to follow..!)

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