Friday, 28 May 2010

Oh happy day!

Finally today, Nathan could go and pick up his brand new truck, a Nissan Navara. Happy day!

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Anonymous said...

Hey there =)
This might be so sudden, but just wanted to say hi. My name is winnie and I'm from Brunei as well.

I was google-ing on watsons(the pharmacy shop) few days ago, then i came across your blog. And spent some time reading it.

I dont know why I just feel warm and happy when I look at your photos and everything, your lovely angels, your caring husband, and friends. I get to know that your husband works in RBA as a pilot? That's really cool. Because my dad used to work in RBA! He's the manager of some sort, but sadly he passed away when I was only 12. Every single time when i see Brunei airplanes, or when I go to the airport, surely I will start to miss him terribly.

I happy for you to have such nice family.

By the way, actually I did not want to post any comment until I saw you guys at escapade kiulap yesterday! I saw your sweet little daughter and thought she's very familiar. And then you came in as well! What a small Brunei this is,right? =)

I didnt have the courage to say hi and I think its a bit awkward to go to you so suddenly.

Anyway, let me briefly introduce myself. =) I'm Winnie, with the surname Sia. I'm 20 this year, and waiting to join uni in august. Doing a part time job right now to kill time.

I love ikea as well! And I just love reading your posts regarding how you decorate your home and rooms. =)

So, hope my comment doesn't frighten you or anything.

Have a nice trip to Singapore and all the best in everything you do!


ps: you can drop by my blog if you're free. its