Friday, 7 May 2010

Friday homework

In Linnea's class they've started with homework this last term of the year. Yes - she is in KINDY!
But, you should know that this is something that has been requested by some of the parents..!
Reason being it was explained to us, many of the kids in Kindy have older siblings, who do have proper homework (Lucas f.e has a book to read every day, about 10 spelling words for once a week and sometimes some maths or other special assignments too), so the little kids wants to do some work too.

There is no pressure though, and the teacher isn't bothered at all about whether it gets done or not. It's purely to respond to the parents' demand, and the kids who enjoy doing it can do it, the kids who don't won't get neither pressured or asked about it. (Their homework is usually some cutting-and-pasting, or some pairing up or tracing.)

Guess which kind Linnea is?
She opens her homework book while she walks in through the door on the Fridays, and has it all done 15 minutes later..! She loves it! She sure is ready to move up to 'real' school!

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