Thursday, 7 July 2011

Last school day of 2010-2011

Tons of homework and reading books, stacks of lovely arty creations; 31 birthday parties; a Swimming Gala, an Athletics Day, an International Day, a Book Week, a Teddybears Picnic, a Grand Ball, an International Restaurant; some very special Assemblies; 6 school excursions and an endless list of other fun activities later - we have today wrapped up this school year.

Lucas with his teacher Ms Miles and the teacher's assistant Ms Shazana, on his last day in Year 2:

Linnea with Mrs Williamson, on her last day in Reception:

We were invited to their Reception Party where they were performing a few "raps" for us and showed us a lovely slide show of their year.
The little hiphoppers also did the "Rio-dance" for us, again, as Linnea missed out last Friday.

Linnea and a few of her friends:

Party time!

I can't believe another year has gone already... so fast this year! It's so sad when another chapter ends, I always gets emotional on these last days of the term.
Both kids have had a really good year this year and we are so proud of them. They've done so well and came home with fantastic school reports. Well done!

To celebrate the last day, and more importantly the start of these long, lovely holidays we took the kids to the local ice-cream parlor straight after school:

And along with our tradition, they also got a few gifts each, as an encouragement to keep up the good work. First they thought it was just a bag (a football gear bag for Lucas and a dance bag for Linnea)..:

... then they realized there was still another gift inside the bag - clothes! A football shirt for Lucas and an outfit for Linnea:

Inside the clothes hid another gift - a toilet bag for when they go on sleepovers etc:

AND... inside the toilet bag finally... personalized name stickers!

Happy day!

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hey watson im from Brunei.nice blog and your child was soo cute hehehe :)