Thursday, 21 July 2011


Today was the first day it's been sunny all day. Lovely!
We quickly decided to do a little excursion this afternoon (since it's going to rain the next few days) to discover the new 'Äventyrslandet' in Götene, not far from here.
It used to be a theme park based around the Middle Ages, but as that wasn't very profitable they revamped it all this year and made it into a huge adventure play park instead.
We spent just about four hours there, and the kids had a ball the whole time.

A huge bouncy ball to jump on:

A raft powered by ourselves:

Jumping from "Arn's tower" into the hay, one of the favorite things they did all day:

Cuddling with the rabbits:

By "Arn's herb garden":

On the bouncy swing:

On the huge bouncy castles:

Riding a four-wheeler:

Riding the 100m long Flying Fox:

Mormor and Lucas enjoyed a boat ride:

It was a nice day for the kids, and considering there is an offer with the local newspaper that let's us go for free the whole month of July, we might go back once more before the month is out! :)

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Dosiss said...

Looks like a fun park:D