Friday, 1 July 2011

Teary Junior School Celebration

There was a special Assembly at school this afternoon, where all the children in Junior School performed for us parents, and each other.
Year group by year group they either sang a tune, or played the recorder or other instruments - it was rather cute.

Waiting their turn:

Before the tears:

Lucas' year group sang "Do re mi" from the 'Sound of Music':

Linnea's year group sang a song with lots of different instruments in it, Linnea was on the recorder.

They also used this Assembly to showcase what the ballet students and the hip hop kids have learned this term. For some reason they "couldn't find" Linnea (who was sitting in the same spot all along, amongst the others) - so they missed putting her on stage with her friends!!! They forgot about her!

I didn't realize until they had already started and I couldn't see her on stage, then I saw her sitting on the floor crying her eyes out... I hurried and took her aside, tried to convince her to go up and dance but of course by then she was so upset there was nothing to do.
Poor little thing, she was so excited about performing, and they have practiced all term for this... She was devastated she missed it, it's been a long time since I've seen her so upset. Broke my heart too. :(
It took quite a few cuddles and chocolates to get her happy again...

(Her teacher has promised to organize for them to dance again though, at the End-Of-Year Party on Thursday. It wont be the same, but it'll be something at least.)

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