Thursday, 28 July 2011

Pancake Festival 2011

Today was the yearly 'Pancake Festival' in Skara. No, it has nothing to do with Shrove Tuesday, but rather with special, thick cherry-pancakes, which are a tradition around my parts of the country.

We participated last year as well, and then the kids bravely took part in the World Championships in pit-spitting (!). This year they weren't as easy to convince to participate, so we ended up just watching. The world record of 15,94m from 2004 didn't get beaten this year either.

As entertainment this year, they had two participants from the TV-show 'Sweden got talent' (or 'Talang' as it's called in Sweden), a girl, Sanna Persson, that sang a bit for us, and a crazy dude called Jecko - who was a bit of a magician/clown/funny man (Lucas made up the word "trollclown" in Swedish).

Personally I didn't quite enjoy his humour, but the kids loved all his slap-stick comedy and my two were, of course, right up the front!
So when it was time for an assistant to be chosen... there was Lucas! Of course!
He looooved it!

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