Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Mösseberg in the rain

We braved the rather unstable weather today and went to Falköping and Mösseberg, again, again. We tend to come here every summer, it's a perfect excursion spot.

We had brought a picnic today but as soon as we arrived so did the rain, of course. Luckily it was only a short shower so there was time to play for a bit - before the next one! So although I'm calling this post "... in the rain" - today's photos were all taken during this short ray of sunshine.
These moon cars are still fun:

And the baby rabbits were very cute:

They have quite a few different animals, all child friendly and happy to get a pat!


And the peacock...

... who, to Lucas huge excitement decided to show us his full beauty!

It became a rather short visit today due to the rain, but we will be back for sure, it's such a nice little place to spend a summer day.

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