Monday, 11 July 2011

Smooth sailing

Or maybe I should say flying!
We've made it to the UK and have a day here now before we go on to Sweden. The kids were absolute stars on the way here and it's such a pleasure traveling with them. Made me think of some other not so pleasant travel experiences we've had in the past though...

Like the time when we first relocated to Brunei and our aircraft had an engine failure on take-off which resulted in three days waiting in a hotel at Heathrow; me alone with Linnea not even 2 yet and Lucas 3 1/2.

Like the time we flew back to the UK from NZ with Lucas, 14 months. He had just learned to walk days before we left, so that's all he wanted to do on that flight, up and down the aisle non stop.

Like the time we had to buy a complete new set of clothes for both Lucas and Nathan while transiting somewhere, again on the way to or from NZ. Lucas was still under 2 so he sat on our lap, and had managed to do such a "big one" it went through his clothes, and Nathan's...

Like the time when Lucas, then about 3 only put one foot on a descending escalator and ended up doing a split, and when I tried to help him I fell, while holding Linnea, and we all tumbled down the escalator together.

Or like last year when we arrived to transit in UK only to find that we had been sold an onwards ticket that turned out not to be valid, and we had to buy new ones 50 mins before the flight!

Yes, we've had some adventurous trips alright! I'm always curious to see what happens next, not much would surprise me, but I must say I do prefer when they are as smooth as this one!

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