Friday, 15 July 2011

Home away from home

I'm pretty sure it wont come to a surprise to anyone that I spend quite a bit of time every day on my computer when I'm home.

Only bringing the iPad on holiday has made travelling a lot easier though - only bringing one charger cabel for all gadgets to start with, such a difference!
Also, the iPad is obviously lighter to log around than the laptop and a lot more mobile too. But the built-in keyboard on it sucks to be perfectly honest, so I decided to invest in an iPad keyboard!
Here's my little internet station - while away from home:

It might defeat the purpose of only having a light device with me, as it's rather heavy and bulky. But it's sure worth it, considering I'm away for quite a bit of time and it makes using the iPad so much easier especially while writing long emails - and these blog posts of course!

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