Sunday, 24 July 2011


We are in Karlstad, north of Vänern, to visit our very good friends the Häggkvists, who we know from England. They decided after six years in the UK to move back to Sweden in March. They have bought a fab house that they are now working hard renovating for their big family.

Their house is just next to Mariebergsskogen (the Marieberg forest), which turned out to be an amazing place to take the kids. We spent all afternoon there, even stayed and did an impromptu BBQ on one of their huge purpose built grills.

There were huge playgrounds, a beach, a little train, a forest and many other areas to play in.
We took the kids on an organized "Troll walk". It was very, very exciting! Here the kids got a little briefing on what we were going to do:

Linnea and Savannah were all ready to go:

We found pinecones that were half eaten, by the trolls?!

Then we called on the trolls, shouted really loudly, and whistled for them - but no result.

Finally we tried to sneak up on them...

... and yes!! We found one!! Or maybe she found us..?

And then another one! Trulsa and Trulle! They were playing hide-and-seek when we came.

On a further walk into the forest, we came about 'Bergatrollet' (=the Mountain Troll). He was behaving really strangely though, he was only saying lots of strange sounds, like "raj-raj" and "pling-plong". Made no sense at all?

We had to call for help by the 'Trollmor' (=Mum Troll), who told us that Bergatrollet was probably under a spell that happens to him every 100 years. She told us all about what we needed to do.

We needed to go look amongst the roots of a tree close to a fallen tree close to a big stone... And there we found some troll medicine and some magical stones!

So we gave Bergatrollet the medicine...

... and sang him a song while pointing the magic stones at him...

... and he turned all right again! Jubi!

Then Trollmor invited us in to her tent for some juice and biscuits! Very cosy!

Bye, bye trolls!

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