Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Camera problems

My camera is causing me problems at the moment. I will take it in to the camera shop tomorrow and have them look at it. Hopefully it's an easily solved issue, cross your fingers!
Every now and then it gives me an "error-message", and tells me I need to insert a new card or format the current one... and then it wipes all the photos currently on the card! Not good.
I've been taking the card out and tried to blow down the card slot to clear it in case there is a any dirt, or lint or such, and that seemed to help at first.

Luckily, I've been downloading the photos daily to my iPad, but I've still lost quite a few these past few days, since it started doing the "error" thing more and more frequently. In the end, at every 5-6th photo... Which meant that most of the photos from today for example, got wiped before I even had time to download them off the camera.

So, you won't be seeing any photos from last nights fab dinner (lasagna on moose mince meat, mmm!); none from the kids' cosy movie-morning together this morning on the sofa; none of the beautiful close-ups I took of all six kids in the garden; none of Linda and me together in front of the colourful flowers in the park; none from our ice cream break; none of the cute ducklings and fearless goats in the petting zoo; none from the playground or none from the first part of the visit to 'Naturum'.

It sucks.

(Edit 27th of July: Well, I have now done research on the internet ("Google is my friend!"), tried formatting the card and even using another card; and talked to the guys in the camera shop. The only conclusion is unfortunately that the camera has a problem with the card reading mechanism. Boo.
So, I'm now halfway through our holidays, and without a reliable camera. Boo-hoo!

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