Sunday, 31 July 2011


Anyone who has children knows what an impossible (and not very enjoyable) task it is to go shopping with them in tow. So far while being here I had only been able to shop in very small snippets, and not really been able to find anything.
Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy the whole shopping experience, but it's also nice to get some results, and I had a few things on my list that I needed to find.

So, on Friday I took the morning train to Stockholm to meet up with my friend Erika and do some power shopping. We started out with a nice lunch at the top of Kulturhuset in the middle of Stockholm, just by Sergels Torg, you can see the famous glass pillar in the background:

After a whole days shopping, finally some result! Yay!

Here is everything from day 1:

Then we deserved a very well needed foot bath!

Day 2 we started by walking over to the little mall by the Ericsson Globe. I had promised Lucas to take some pictures of it, after the school assignment he did about it.

After a bit more shopping for the last bits and pieces, we also met up with two of my UFO-friends, other expat mums I know from an Internet forum.
Tintin, the girl to the left I've met several times, both in Sweden, the UK and Holland! But I had never met Dina before, the girl to the right, although we used to chat quite a lot when she lived in Kuala Lumpur.
It's quite funny to meet someone you know so well but only have talked to via a chat, for the first time - it's like meeting a childhood friend. And, I thought she was a lot taller! :)

I had a splendid 38 hours away! Stockholm really showed itself from it's best side with gorgeous, sunny weather. Add good friends, good food and catching up with Erika, another must for me every time I come home.
Plus getting some shopping done, alone - priceless!

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