Friday, 15 July 2011

Wouldn't happen in Brunei!

While in Brunei today there has been huge celebrations for His Majesty's 65th birthday (you can see great photos from this mornings parade on my friend Kate's blog here), yesterday was the Swedish Crown Princess Victoria's birthday.
Like every year she was celebrated on Öland with a big outdoor concert last night, which was televised live. Unfortunately, it was POURING down with rain (there too!), so it was a rather wet happening for everybody else but the people on stage.

What bemused me was that even though everybody in the audience apparently had been given rain ponchos - the whole Royal Family were dressed in... rubbish bags!!!

Here you can see Prince Daniel, the Crown Princess, the King and the Queen and their other two children, Princess Madeleine and Prince Carl Philip:

I'm not quite sure why they did it this way..?? Maybe they had said no to rain cover so that everybody behind them would have a good view too; or so that their nice clothes would not be covered up..?
Anyhow, it was incredibly funny to see them in these slightly odd "outfits" and at the end of the concert they looked more like drenched cats than anything else; with their make-up running down their face and their hair totally soaked.

You wouldn't see the Bruneian Royals like that! :)

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Norm said...

Oh my word, that is SO funny!!! I just can't imagine the Sultan being presented with a binbag to wear had it started raining on Friday!

Glad you're having a good trip - and keeping up with the blogging!