Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Guess the poop

We are back in Skara again after three super days in Karlstad with our friends. We have really enjoyed their hospitality and it was so nice for us all to catch up again, both adults and children. The kids have been getting along really well this time and since Linda is one of my very best friends, it's important to me to make sure we see each other whenever I'm close enough!

This morning we woke up to grey skies and heavy clouds again, so the kids were actually allowed to watch a movie, cosy up on the sofa and just chill for a while.

After lunch we made another visit to Mariebergsskogen. This time to go and see the animals in the petting zoo, and to talk a walk through the forest to 'Naturum', a free exhibition about nature.
Just the building was extraordinary, partly built on stilts over the water and with huge glass windows on all sides.

We explored for a while, there was lots of things to learn. We could listen to fish under water, feel bear fur, hear wolves, investigate how it looks inside a beehive, find out what a northern pike eats and much much more.
Linnea was - guessing the poop! :)

Such a beautiful and well-kept place! A really nice excursion point, especially on a rainy day!

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