Friday, 29 July 2011

Skara Sommarland 2011

Today we went to Skara Sommarland with our friends Kattis, Moa and Lucas; and their auntie and cousin. Good timing to get to meet up with them, since they normally live in Skellefteå and are only in Skara this week to visit their grandparents.

It's been three years since we were last at Skara Sommarland. Linnea is now well over 100 cm, luckily (now the issue was actually the 120 cm limit instead...), so we could go on most rides.
Linnea got her back at the big swing, which was her nemesis last time:

Even though the park seemed filled to the brim with people, since it was such a beautiful, sunny day - the queues weren't all that bad. Maximum queue time we did was probably about 15-20 minutes, which is perfectly acceptable.
We went on nearly all the rides we were allowed on. Here are some photos from a few of them, this is 'Skepp O'hoj':

The new attraction, 'Rodeo':

The airplanes:

Linnea did the small cars:

And Lucas did the 'Junior Indycart':

We also watched the "Pirate Show", a performance where the acrobats jumped off very high hights, into a small pool:

Sommarland is actually a really nice park, for all ages of kids. Our ones enjoyed the slightly "quieter" activities too, like washing for gold, feeding the huge (!) fish, jumping on the giant air pillow, and climbing around in the mega playground:

And hey - the mums!

Of course we had to finish off the day with some tombola playing. Unfortunately we weren't as lucky as last time when we won the STAR prize on just one bet, we did win - but only after betting rather heftily...
At least Lucas was happy, cause to him it was just all about the winning! :)

A great day at Skara Sommarland!
NEXT time, we will be able to go on even more rides - and do some more in the waterpark. Already looking forward to that!

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