Friday, 6 May 2011

Swimming Gala 2011

Today it was the yearly Swimming Gala at JIS. An event Lucas has been dreading for the past couple of weeks, and these last few days he has even had trouble falling to sleep at night, being so worried.
He still vividly remembers last year when he came last in his first heat, and then totally refused even trying in the second heat... Since then we have talked a lot about participating, having fun, trying your best etc etc. He wasn't all convinced, and showed up looking a bit worried at first.

Well... I'm happy to tell you he won both of his heats!!
Understanding heats is not easy though, but the fact that he didn't get a medal for being the overall 1,2 or 3 in his year group didn't really bother him luckily - he was on top of the world having swam the fastest! Self-confidence restored!

Linnea started out by crying herself through the first 25m race she did. She got water in her goggles, and I think it all became a bit much since she was in the first heat. After that she was fine, swam nicely, was really happy and even won her backstroke heat!
Well, the Reception kids actually all got ribbons - but she knows she won..!

Here's a slide show of this mornings event:

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