Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Baby on board

Tonight we had another party here in the simpang: Misuzu's Baby Shower - arranged by Keira, Nicole and myself. She only has a few weeks to go, so even though we were all partied out after celebrating Oliver on the weekend, we had to cram this in before the baby decides to make an appearance!

It turned out such a lovely night! Even though it's school holidays for many, most of Misuzu's friends could come, and they all made the evening very special for her.

Some details from the venue, the 'Welcome'-sign:

The decorations, which revealed the surprise of what sex the baby is!

The nappy cake:

The gift from us all!

The Baby Shower crew:

Some of the guests:

Everyone enjoyed the food, there was so many different lovely things!

Of course we had a guessing game for the birth date, and the birth weight:

We also had some other baby themed games, people got into deep concentration:

But in the end, we had to settle one game by the help of our dear friend Google..:

A girlie night, just right!

That's it now, from on it's all about waiting, waiting and waiting for the new arrival! Any day baby, any day is a good day! (But I bet on the 21st, just so you know...)

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