Sunday, 29 May 2011

Over the rainbow

A while back my neighbour Misuzu send me a link to this blog she had found, written by a very crafty lady in the States. This lady is very inspirational, amongst other things she has thrown some super thought-out birthday parties for her kids.
Apparently both Misuzu and I browsed around and got the same inspiration for the next birthday party - only Misuzu beat me to it; today she pulled off (remember, she is 8 1/2 months pregnant!) the most fantastic 'Rainbow-party' for Oliver - the attention to detail was amazing!

Some of the colourful rainbow treats:

The cake, looking like any other cake...

... until you cut into it!

Ooooaaahhhh - so impressive! (It was made by a friend of ours, who already have my order for October! :))

Birthday boy:

Linnea and I did some matching again, as we've done a few times before, always a hit:

The party favours:

I might still go with this Rainbow-theme for Linnea, it's such a joyful, happy theme and Oliver and her don't really share that many friends who would recognize it.
Plus I can just go next door and borrow all the decorations! :)

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