Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Relaxation Station

Today I made one of my better impulse purchases; it was a big one, and I'm very pleased!

My reading corner is no more (at least not downstairs), instead we have now got this very cool bamboo bar in our living room! A new kind of 'Relaxation Station'!
(My beautiful, comfy red reading chair got a new home in the master bedroom where it suits really well, it makes our totally oversized bedroom a bit more cosy.)

We bought this bar off one of the many families due to leave this summer. (One of the good things with the fast rotation of people here, you can really get some bargains when they go!)
It was a quick buy as I only saw the advert this morning and emailed straight away to get some photos. We've been pretty particular in our search for a bar since we wanted one that was a bit different to all the teak bars here. So a few minutes later when the photos came swoshing into my inbox I made my decision on the spot - yes, we'll have it!

We picked it up just a few hours after that and we are so happy with how it fit into our home! We are now planning for the big inauguration party!
To be continued.


Jason said...

You need a bigger fridge for sure especially if I am ever going to visit!

Katarina said...

Fint och säkert många trevliga barhängen där framöver!