Tuesday, 1 June 2010

A perfect compromise

Finally, finally - it was time for me to go to IKEA to pick up my table for my reading corner. I've waited and waited, because it hasn't felt quite finished in that corner, without the table.
As a result of the poll, we decided on the black Vejmon table. But, after seeing it 'live', it was far too wide (60 cm) and seemed rather big and chunky. Wouldn't suit the reading corner at all actually... Panic!

Then, I saw my original choice, the Ulsberg (that Nathan had poo-poohed because he thought it looked like camping furniture, in the white colour), now in a grey/black colour! I thought that was a great compromise, black colour but my preferred model.
That was it - for sure! (And a lot cheaper too, always a bonus!)

And I was right, it suits perfectly! The frosted table top goes with the frosted lamp, and it's not black-black, so it doesn't take away too much attention from the chair by being too bold.
I'm really pleased!


annai said...

Looks like a very cosy reading corner. Would inspire you to get stuck into a good book :)

Jason said...

Black camping furniture. A perfect compromise.

Scrapper-holic said...

The table looks great (i voted for that table) and the reading corner looks really really great!! :-)