Friday, 4 June 2010

Movies & Bowling

A day off school could nearly not get any more perfect than the one we've had today!
Linnea had a sleepover at a friends house yesterday, and after we picked her up this morning we went straight for another play date. A morning of fun later, home for a quick lunch and then to the movies to see the new Shrek-movie. Parents nearly as excited as the kids!

As I've told you before, there are only on two occasions we use our long trousers and sweat shirts nowadays: when we go on an aeroplane, or when we go to the cinema!
It's always freezing in the movie theaters here, freezing. So much that just a second layer of clothing isn't always even enough. Hannah came well prepared though!

The movie was great! Laughter all around!
After the movies, we went bowling for the first time here in Brunei. Well, it was the first time ever for Linnea, and probably over 10 years since last time for me and Nathan. We can't remember ever having been bowling together before, and I only remember doing it while you kept your own scores, by pencil... so must have been a while back!
It was great fun!

The kids used this "elephant" to help them play, and they did really well! Especially Linnea, she got the best score amongst the kids - and even beat me, both rounds! (Well, that doesn't take much though... I seem to need some practise...)

I liked Lucas way of showing his nerves!

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