Sunday, 27 June 2010

For Kathy

Kathy - here's a photo just for you!

I started out writing this blog for friends and family back home, so they could follow our daily adventures in our new life. Little by little, it turned in to something more - a bit of a diary for myself, but also a point of information for other expats considering a life in Brunei. There aren't much information about Brunei out there on the net, so most of the time when anyone googles on "life+Brunei" or similar, they end up here!
Many of my friends here in Brunei also check in from time to time to see what's going on with us, and I've recently realized that lots of friends and family of my friends check in too, to see if there is any sightings on the blog of their friends!

For example, today I got a very nice email from my friend Nicole's sister-in-law, where she admits her addiction to my blog. Hence this photo from the Saturday party of me and the girls (Nicole to the left) just for her!

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