Sunday, 13 June 2010

Our stairs

I've had a plan for a very long time to make some sort of arrangement of photos, pictures and/or paintings in our stairs. It's kind of a boring part of the house, and I've wanted to use it as a bit of a memory wall.
My problem was, I never really got a clear idea about how I wanted it; if I wanted only photos, or also paintings; if they should be only black-and-white or in colour; how they should be arranged etc etc.

In the end, two things made me change my mind; for one, we already have a bit of a photo collage going on in the guest room (of the very few guests that have been to see us here in three years...! *Hint, hint* There has only been 2 photos added since this post was written over a year ago!).
Also, I finally got a vision!
I was walking around IKEA, saw these shelves and just knew that I wanted picture ledges, where whatever was going to be on them, could be exchangeable.

So, I brought two long and two short shelves back from Singapore, surfed the net for some more inspiration, and then got Nathan to help me mount them.
We started only with the long ones, still thinking about how and if we are putting the short ones up over these too - but I think it looks rather nice already! I like being able to put 'things' there too.

Now, walking up and down the stairs, seeing some of my favourite photos, always brings a smile to my face!


Jason said...

Why does it look so familiar to see these picture shelves half way up the stairs?

MrsW said...

Hmmm... maybe you too have been to IKEA a few too many times... ;)