Saturday, 19 June 2010

Father's Day 2010

It's not Father's neither in NZ nor Sweden this weekend, but as they are celebrating it here - we are too!
Linnea had been busy in school painting and decorating a "pen holder" for Daddy which was due to be brought home on Friday. Unfortunately, she dropped it on the way to the car at pick up and it got smashed in a thousand pieces... Cue one very heartbroken daughter...

Lovely Mrs Moran lent us some of the school paints though, and the nice Mummy zoomed off to the shop to get a new plant pot; and Friday evening was spent painting the new one, at home. Happy daughter again.

We presented Daddy with his presents this morning, as he wont be here tomorrow when we wake up (he'll be out riding this race); and he got very happy!

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