Saturday, 12 June 2010

Le petit Prince

Prince Wakeel, who is one of Linnea's class mates, turned 4 during the recent holidays and had his party today at the Empire Kids' Club.
It was nothing like last years big bash, instead smaller and more private and relaxed. Just like any of the kids' birthdays (with just a tad more resources, maybe! ;)), it was really intimate and enjoyable.

The Kids' Club area was beautifully set up with lots of activities for the children to take part in inside, they had the whole pool at their disposal and there was party balloons galore in every part of the club.
The kids had a blast!
They swam and played and ran around - and they quickly discovered the popcorn and candyfloss machines set up by the pool. I do believe the chocolate fountain got many visitors too!

At the other end of the lagoon, there was a lovely buffet and later on also a piñata and the birthday cakes. The little Prince had two gorgeous cakes, all in a 'Monsters Inc'-theme, they were truly amazing!

Linnea really enjoyed herself, and I got busy just chasing her around. She got so wound up that she just didn't listen, or couldn't listen, to me - there was just too much going on, she didn't know how to calm down... She gets a bit overexcited sometimes, and so was the case today.

In the end though, they were well worn out, and it was easy to extract them all from the party, say thank you and get on home. (Party bags always work a treat!)
Linnea got really lucky, for one of the things in the party bag was something she has desperately wanted us to get her lately - a camera of her own!

While you look forward to seeing some of her shots of the world here on the blog, you can enjoy a slide show from today's party:

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