Monday, 28 June 2010

A wet, wet Kids Hash

We did the Kids Hash yesterday on one of the beaches here. We could see the dark clouds and the rain approach us quickly before we set off; so even though it was lovely cool temperatures, we decided to go for just the short trail to try and get back before the rain.

Unfortunately, we didn't quite make it. The rain arrived (as fast as when you turn a tap) just as we walked down the last stretch of the beach.

We got just a little bit wet though, you should have seen the guys coming back off the long track..!
For the first time we actually didn't stay to play, nor for the on-on. It got pretty crowded under the tent with everybody trying to huddle to keep dry, so we made a run for it back to the car and went back home instead.
That's how it is sometimes, sometimes you just get defeated by the weather...

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