Sunday, 13 June 2010

Bad idea

The other day Misuzu and I drove down to the gym to try out another SpinFit class. We didn't think we needed to be there too much in advance, but helas, the class was full already when we got there! Bummer...
Now that we had driven all the way there, we thought let's just join whatever class is on in the main room... Well, that was a bad idea! It was BOOTCAMP!
Oh... My... God...

I'm so sore still, and it was so hard, but sooo good!
Fun..? Not really, but I'll still go back, because the body got such a work-through and in such a high tempo that you hardly had time to think about that you were actually exercising!

And, it's doing me a lot of good - even my iPhone was celebrating with me yesterday when I reached the first of my loose-weight-goals!

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