Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Two different animals

You would think that when you mix two people, the same result would come out every time. Like when you mix blue and yellow, it makes green. Every time.
But no. That's not how it works.

Our two kids are as different as you can be. Two totally different animals.
Whilst Linnea always has been very capable and confident and will growl "No! I can do it minself!!! (Swenglish)" if you try to offer your help; Lucas is very lazy and if someone else can do it, whatever it is i.e putting on his socks, for him, that's good.

Linnea really has ants in her pants, and can not sit still or quiet for very long. She is always busy and very fidgety, and talks non-stop.
Lucas on the other hand, is easily 'sedated' with TV, DVD or a game of PSP or Wii. He could zonk for hours if he was allowed to.

Linnea shares hugs and kisses a lot and is very loving, to everybody. Mostly to us in the family, but also to her friends (especially the babies) and to young friends she doesn't even know yet. She's like a happy puppy, full of energy.
Lucas can also give cuddles, but sparingly, and only on his conditions. He's a bit like a cat in that way.
Linnea seems to crave the closeness and comfort it means to have someone physically present within sight (and feel preferably), while Lucas is a lot more independent in that way and not at all bothered about being inside or outside by himself, as long as he knows someone is around, somewhere.

One thing they do have in common (amongst a few things) that I really love is that they are both very friendly and social, and easy-going when around other people whether they are big or small. That's a great characteristic to have!

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