Thursday, 10 June 2010

Legs - ok. Butt - sore...

Yesterday Misuzu and I tried out something new, Spinning! Basically, that's indoor cycling in a class.
We had got these vouchers that gave us a free month/three free days, so we thought - why not? Let's try something new. We keep hearing from the boys how much they are enjoying their biking, but we are not to keen on going out on the road ourselves - so this was a good way of trying it out. (Plus, we don't need to buy any equipment.)

I've been considering joining this Fitness Zone gym actually, since we are no longer members of the Empire, and I've been missing going to classes and working a bit on the machines; so this month will be a good chance for me to test it out.

The class was at night, so I actually had time to put the kids to bed even before I left! A bit bizarre though to be exercising that late, but what else would you do on a Wednesday night apart from watching some crappy old show on TV...

Misuzu was beautifully colour-coordinated with her brand new indoor shoes:

I don't quite know what I had expected from this kind of class. I've heard before (Nathan's Mum does a lot of SpinFit) that it's really hard, but I was still rather surprised.
It was bl***y hard!!!

It was a beginner class, but we still had trouble keeping up! It was all about standing up all the time, twisting the body this way, doing "push-ups" that way, increasing and decreasing the tension... I gave up early, and just sat back down and pedaled away... that alone was hard work for a new beginner!
Misuzu was superwoman and nearly did all the class, well done!

Legs are ok today, butt is a bit sore though... But we're not giving up easily, we're going back for more tomorrow!

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eastcoastmom said...

LOve spinning! Det är instruktörensom är ALLT, om det är en bra och kul intruktör blir det ett fantastiskt pass. Rumpan har man bara ont i de första två gångerna typ, don´t worry.