Monday, 7 June 2010

I can see you...

I have this thing called Feedjit installed on this blog, it's a widget that tells me who reads me. It also tells me how each reader arrives here, f.e if they enter directly or if they google on something that makes them end up here; and if they leave by closing their browser or clicking on any of my links or photos. It's rather interesting actually.

A lot of people google on 'life in brunei' or 'expats in brunei' - which often leads them straight to my blog; as there is not much other information out there in cyberspace on everyday life here.
But I've also have got hits on 'hate brunei' (on my post "I hate the heat"), 'cooking classes in Brunei' (so many hits on that, people must be keen on learning to cook here!) and 'starbucks in brunei' (well, there is none..!), 'pretty clothing in brunei' and quite a few hits when I've been writing about the royals, f.e the school trip to the Sultan's hangars etc.

Just in the last 24 hours, I've had visitors from the US, Australia, Polen, Sweden, Malaysia, France, Abu Dhabi, Manama, Indonesia, Belgium, Russian Federation, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Ireland, Singapore, Israel, Norway, Philippines and Denmark. Sure, I do know people in some of those countries, but it's still amazing to think about how (our) life in Brunei can interest so many people!
(I still get most hits from visitors here in Brunei though! I find that funniest of all!)


Pea said...

I came straight here to see what you've been up to over the weekend...px

TinTin said...

...and I just like seeing what my friends are doing, especially when they seem to have dropped out of other places...

Anonymous said...

Yes, we are visitors from DK. We tend to move to Brunei so we are looking for info of Brunei life.
We hope to learn more things from you, and may have a chance to talk with you in life (muski snakke Dansk)

Tito-Toti said...

Yes, we are visitor from DK. We tend to move to Brunei so we are looking for more info of Brunei life. Hope to have a chance to "snakke Dansk" with you in Brunei.

MrsW said...

Hi Tino-Toti, how great you are thinking of coming to Brunei! Not many Danes here, we need some more!

If you have any queries, don't hesitate to email me! Good luck!

Tito-Toti said...

It is great to get feedback from you.
We are not Danes but 90% similarity to Danes. We can speak Dansk in our family but I am not so good at that (I use English for my work). My wife can speak Dansk quite well while our kids can use it fluently. They learn it in Bønehave :-) ( while their father were too lazy to go to Spørgcenter).
I am still searching for more info of Brunei. Could you help me with the following curiousneses.
1. Our kids (two boys) are 4 and 2 years old respectively so we have to find kindergarden for them. I got info of two Int. school from Brunei contact but I am wondering how good they are, school language, school fee, school time, bla, bla.. I learn something from your blog that you seemingly satisfy with your kid's school services?
2. It is hard to find a good house there? How long does it take to get one? I will work for UBD if I move there but I am not sure I get their aid in renting a house.
3. I see you are keen to go to IKEA in Singapore to purchase furniture. Are family stuffs not available in Brunei? Should we buy stuffs from IKEA in DK and ship to Brunei -:)?
Of course, many more questions but let me think twice, then I pose them to you.
P/S: How old are your kids? My kids can be good friends with yours when we move there.

MrsW said...


Pls email me your queries on:


Anonymous said...

oh maybe i'm one of those from the philippines. your blog was a big help to us since sadly there seems to be little info about this country. Oh and thanks for the ww economart info. cheers!! - hazel